About – BY NELLY


It all started in January 2016. I was enjoying my Christmas presents; bath bombs, body scrubs, lotions and masks. So, it was a lovely summer's evening and I thought "why not take a nice, relaxing bubble bath?" I picked out one of my favourite smelling bath bombs and placed it on the bench whilst the bath was running. In comes my mum... "Oh yum! A vegan slice??" and rationally took a bite! Oh boy you should've seen her face. Screaming in burning pain, I find her leaning over the sink washing her mouth out so fast as if she had just eaten a spoonful of tabasco sauce. Obviously, a bath bomb isn't gonna taste too good, I know! But for some reason at that moment I was like "wow, I wonder what they actually put in these. I wonder what I'm soaking my body in for hours each week?" I don't know why I was so shocked really. Like, I should've known how many chemicals and weird ingredients were in these fizzy things.. and by a company that claimed to be "organic" and "natural", that really got me raging. Marketing, hey. Most of us read the ingredients of what we are eating everyday, but how many of us are reading what we're putting on our bodies? Yeah, didn't think so. 
Being a makeup artist, I have always had interest in the beauty industry and throughout the years have learnt the importance of good quality skincare. After
personally testing and working with hundreds of brands on the market, there was always something these products were lacking - and that was pure, nutritious ingredients derived from nature itself. Instead, products are packed with harmful chemicals that are not only damaging our skin but are soaking through into our blood streams and internal organs. This is how "IRRESISTIBLE by nelly" came to life! As a beauty & lifestyle influencer across many social media platforms, I knew I could make a change. The power was in my hands and enough was enough. All I ever wanted was natural yet effective products that can be used by anyone. From babies to elders, even sensitive and problematic skins - there's literally a product in my range to suit everyone. Through years of passionate research, I finally found the perfect ways to naturally maintain our beauty and I'm so excited to share it with you all!
And don't worry, the ingredients are so pure that if you happen to take a bite.. you might actually enjoy it!
Prepare to be nourished. Prepare to be revitalised. Prepare to be absolutely irresistible.
Nelly xx