Our Custom Crème Bar’s aim is to create your best friend. A unique skin protector, a sense balancer and a skin quencher inspired by aromatherapy. What more fulfils the desire of silky, moisturised skin that smells and feels luscious?
For thousands of years, essential oils, extracts and other botanical ingredients have proven their natural power. It's so fascinating that something this innocent and gentle can heal, balance & promote biological and psychological processes of our entire body & soul!
Depending on our personality, physical & mental state, skin type and our entire lifestyle, each and everyone of us is beautifully different & deserve to experience the benefits from all the goodies that nature offers.
Help us create your own, perfect moisturiser that is just as unique as you are!
Please take a few minutes & complete the “My Moisturiser Questionnaire”. Every question is very important for us to master the best formula for you. You are welcome to tell us as many details as you can by selecting multiple choices for answers that suit you.
You will be delighted wearing My Moisturiser that is just and only yours.
IMPORTANT: After you complete the questionnaire, you will be redirected to the product "MY MOISTURISER". Please don't forget to add it to your cart! Your order will only be complete and eligible to start the production process once you have checked out. 

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