Boss Babe (Focus) Essential Oil Mist 100ml

Feeling like you need some focus & courage? Something to calm your mind and help you concentrate? BOSS BABE is for you. Infused with Yellow Aventurine crystals, this fresh, uplifting blend will help you with just that. It also facilitates inner peace & assists a short attention span. It encourages you to remain present & be connected in the present moment. Boss Babe is perfect to keep at your work desk, when studying or doing important tasks (or just as a pick me up!)

Our beautiful essential oil blends are each carefully crafted to enhance your daily life, no matter where you are or what you're feeling. Our formulations are made using only the most pure essential oils to enhance and compliment your mind, body & soul. We have doubled the healing powers by infusing each blend with complimentary crystal chips so you can receive the ultimate wellness benefits in one.

Function: Focus, courage, grounding

Scent: Citrus fresh

Skin Type: All

Ingredients: Essential oils of: sweet orange, lavender, mandarin, cedar wood & rosemary diluted in distilled water. Infused with yellow aventurine crystals.

How to use: Mist over your body or in your space to instantly boost focus, courage & inner peace.

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