Hot Mint Shake Bath Soak 300g

Balance your mind and refresh your body with this hot mint shake bath soak.

Our therapeutic mineral bath soaks provide numerous health and beauty benefits.

Peppermint & spearmint are well known herbs for ultimate relaxation and anxiety/stress relief. They also assist with asthma, colic, fever, headaches, nausea, sinusitis, fatigue, exhaustion & burnout. This particular soak is perfect to unblock and soothe a head cold. Whilst opening up the mind and creating a calm & positive vibe, mints can also help with your memory and concentration.

Salicylic acid is naturally present in mint which helps in curing acne by cleansing and tightening your pores. Organic spirulina & paw paw leaf powder helps your body detox and release toxins.

Function: Detoxifying, calming, stress-relieving, revitalising, cleansing

Scent: Fresh, minty, cool

Skin Type: All

How to use: The goodness of this sachet will dissolve and infuse the best emptied under the stream of hot water. Let the rose petals float or secure the content in a bath soak strainer. For an unforgettable bath experience, use the whole amount of this bath soak. For gentle mind & body maintenance, use 1/2 a sachet. Enjoy! 

Ingredients: Epsom salt, dead sea salt, coconut milk powder, oatmeal, cornflour, organic herbs of peppermint & spearmint, essential oils of: peppermint, spearmint & eucalyptus, organic spirulina powder, organic paw paw leaf powder, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), tocopheryl acetate (vitamin e).   

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