Lavender Cookies Facial Cleanser 120g

Is your skin in need of a new best friend? Then look no further because Lavender Cookies will give it everything it's been craving!

This perfect everyday cleanser is jam packed full of precious ingredients to cleanse, calm, soothe, moisturise, protect and detoxify your skin all at the same time!

This cleanser gently exfoliates as it contains fine sugar crystals that softly buff away any imperfections. Lavender essential is well known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which aids in soothing acne and eczema.

With the amount of toxins our skin is both absorbing and eliminating, a gentle and effective cleanse is required every day - and here comes lavender to the rescue! The powerful antioxidants compliment the soothing properties of this wonderful herb.

Infused with natural borax, it is a great anti-inflammatory and detoxifying agent that gently cleanses and restores every cell of your skin. Together with coconut and vitamin e oil, your skin will be squeeky clean and plumped full of moisture!

Function: Cleansing, calming, exfoliating

Scent: Floral, fresh, sweet

Skin Type: All

Ingredients: White sugar, oatmeal, coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, vegetable glycerine, pure borax*, lavender flowers, lavender essential oil, vanilla bean extract, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), tocopheryl acetate (vitamin e). *natural.

How to use: In the palm of your hands, make a paste using a scoop of this cleanser & water. Gently massage into the face, then rinse. Follow up with the rest of your skin care routine. Use in the morning for a gentle cleanse and to boost your blood flow. Can be used every night to remove natural makeup. For heavy eye makeup and foundation wearers, we recommend going in with our CREME DE LISH cleanser first.

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