Orange & Pineapple Cocktail Mist 100ml

This Orange & Pineapple Cocktail facial spray is like no other! It can be used as a toner, makeup primer, setting spray or a refreshing mist!

With it's delicious tropical scent, this orange blossom water based bottle of goodness is infused with pineapple extract which is a great anti-inflammatory and helps calm irritated skin.

Orange blossom water is a great toner for oily skin and is so gentle that it is suitable for ultra sensitive skin - even babies! It soothes and relaxes your skin and locks in moisture for smooth, hydrated skin all day.

Function: Refreshing, toning, setting

Scent: Tropical, fresh

Skin Type: All

Ingredients: Orange blossom infused water, vegetable glycerine, organic pineapple extract, fragrance*, potassium sorbate. *natural.

How to use: Close your eyes, shake & spray onto your face and neck about an arm's length away from your skin. You will be fresh and hydrated all day and your makeup will stay flawless & protected!